With the highest quality standards in all our services we offer security to our clients while they are in Peru taking our services. Cultura Viva Travel Agency provides services doing everything possible to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Regional Network: having the support of our partner companies that only offer quality and first-rate services only.


Experience: by having highly experienced and trained personnel, specialized in tourist services and trained in the company with values of service and commitment to our clients and friends afterwards surely.


Social and Environmental Responsibility: our company is very committed to the development of sustainable and sustainable tourism that benefits all its components in all possible ways, that is the beginning and what started this dream of Cultura Viva Travel Agency.


Safe and Reliable Service: By having everything perfectly organized and having the monitoring of our staff, our clients are fully protected during their stay in Peru by each and every one of us who are part of Cultura Viva Travel Agency.


24-hour availability: the 24-hour operational staff to help you with any inconvenience that our clients have, you will not be alone during your stay with us because we consider and know that your expectations are placed on us as a tourist company.


Competitive Prices: the relationship we have with our suppliers and partners allows us to offer you competitive prices and top quality all at the same time.


Creation of Innovative Products: our staff, we, I personally are at the service of the client who wants a differentiated service according to their needs (luxury, adventure, family, romance, among others and of course LIVING CULTURE), for them we are always in looking for new routes and adventures and that is why we work and we will work with towns that can give them to our visitors – clients.


Extraordinary experiences: discover new ways of seeing life thanks to the experiences we have prepared for you. Our reason for existing is to take care of and at the same time show our rich living culture to the world.


Deep experiences: The essence of our people and of our region, of all our bloods, archaeological sites, history, customs, festivals, special dates are available to all our visitors and it is our task to ensure that this is the case.


We believe in our people: we work with human personnel who have been chosen for being the best in their respective areas, so most decisions are made with specialists in each area, because employees are important to us since they are now part of our family and so we consider them.


We are committed to being extraordinary: Loving what you do is extremely important to dedicate yourself and to undertake an even more business adventure and the passion and love for tourism in addition to having competence leaves us the only way of working to want to do everything in the best possible way (with clients, with suppliers, with our people) and demand the same from our operators, collaborators and each and every one of us who make up Cultura Viva Travel Agency, we will only give them the best of the best of us in every way.


Teamwork: as our clients are in the middle of an adventure trip, any situation can happen and we at Cultura Viva Travel Agency will do everything together to solve and help our clients not realize that some situation occurred or help them if any situation suggests of any kind.


Commitment to the Environment and Communities: our company is socially and culturally committed to local peoples. Our strategies are focused on preserving the environment.

Cultura Viva aims and I long to be able to help its people in all possible ways to get out of poverty, to take care of their own, at least that is why since its foundation on November 4, 2021 this is and will be a end and a longing for the company.


Fair salaries and specialized training: Our Company plans to grow steadily and together with us our people, for this reason we strive to have the best possible team and fair salaries and performance bonuses. And it is that they are not only workers, they are the ones who make Cultura Viva great.


People have behind more people who depend on them (their families) so in turn we take care of them, if our colleagues are doing well, so we must make an effort to do things well, including choosing our own, better customers, you mean, if you …

Our company includes the following for our collaborators:

  • Constant training in all areas, for their specialization (each in their own area)
  • Organizational culture to achieve an excellent work environment – we work with experts for this
  • Training our local allies (Andean communities and residents) who will later become our commercial allies
  • Empowerment of female guides
  • Training in tourist destinations, for the professional management of travel packages
  • Training in the areas of operation: where experts receive more tools
  • Commission systems for Cultura Viva workers: for each sale placed they receive a commission in addition to the salary, this is for everyone who is part of the company
  • Salary increases to improve the standard of living of our colleagues, we hope that over time the highest
  • Holiday celebrations (birthdays, special days like worker’s day, Christmas, etc.) that clearly bring this family closer together


Gender equality and diversity – inclusion: We promote the inclusion of women as leaders, experts and part of our company in all areas.

We want as a company to help the work of women (guides, porters, office workers, staff, and all those who are part of our operations as a tourist and service company)


In Peru and South America it is no secret that the fight for equality in gender treatment persists, so Cultura Viva strives to support this fight and give equal treatment (as long as what they give us as part of our company and as professionals)


The salaries: of men and women are the same for similar positions

Salaries are fair and high compared to other companies and in our country

We expect salaries to be the highest in the market soon as we grow our company.


Our objectives: they are many but especially to be able to help with inclusion and fair and sustainable tourism. To help our people, to get out of extreme poverty, to have a standard of living, to learn new techniques that our hired experts take with them.


We dream of making this world a better world, just one example is that we plan to plant 3 or more trees for each client who visits our country with Cultura Viva


Dreaming is the beginning of every adventure, and we dream of serving the most possible brothers in our region, this adventure is just beginning…


Diversity: for us the origins, preferences, beliefs are respected and recognized, we hope that the collaborators are good professionals, good human beings rather than looking to see or know their preferences or ways of thinking.


Inclusion: everyone has the same opportunity to contribute to professional and personal success at Cultura Viva, starting from simply effort, wanting to do things well, the desire to serve and help, which is the basics of working at Cultura Viva.


Living Culture Atributes:

  • Quality: because what they offer meets the requirements and quality standards required for customers
  • Seriousness: what is offered is fulfilled and even more is given
  • Order: information is given in an orderly, very clear manner, files are handled with special care
  • Excellence: by doing things well done and giving the client what is offered and maybe more
  • Brand: knowing that the company implies all of the above, then there is no doubt when making the decision
  • Ethics: being a company that says that it bases its work and customer service on the ethics of customer service and the right thing to do
  • Contribution: we work with local partners, communities, restaurants, families that by having us as allies have a livelihood for theirs, the contribution to our land, our planet